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Mammoth Brewing

Mammoth Brewing Conical Fermenter 60L

Mammoth Brewing Conical Fermenter 60L

Finally, an affordable "large batch" stainless steel conical fermenter! It's “Mammoth” size allows you to Brew Big! This 60L Conical offers has a centre tap valve at the bottom of the conical allowing for easy trub removal and yeast harvesting. It also includes a separate tap for kegging/bottling your beer. The fermenter includes a dial thermometer, a thermowell, as well as an airlock and bung. Sturdy handles make moving and cleaning your fermenter a breeze. It has embossed graduation markings for easy top-ups. Fits in a standard chest freezer or fridge for easy temperature control. If you have a glycol chiller, you can add a glycol immersion coil and a drilled lid. (Sold separately).

You can also make smaller batches (ex. 20 L) in a larger fermenter as long as it's sealed. This is the perfect fermenter for all your batch sizes! 

-304 Stainless Steel
-3/8” ball valve for transfers and sampling
-1/2” ball valve for trub removal and yeast collection
-Thermowell and Dial Thermometer included
-Airlock and Bung included
-Wide lid with secure spring clamps
-Graduated for easy measurements

Height: 26 ½ “ without airlock. 31” with airlock attached.
Width: 19” including handles, 15 ¾”excluding the handles.

While it is not specifically designed for pressure fermenting, it can handle a low level of pressure (under 5 PSI) for use in pressure transfers. For easy pressure fermenting up to 19 L, try Mammoth's 24.5L Ball Lock Kegs by adding a spunding valve.

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